Insights Issue 4

The invention of the Internet continues to inspire new innovation that further enable and connect people across the world. Its expansion, combined with the proliferation of mobile devices (5.2 billion subscribers and counting), is transforming global human behavior in remarkable ways. For brands, the mobile Internet has strengthened their understanding of consumers by way of increasing data and analytics, and new channels to reach them. Empowered customers now determine when and how their lives connect to these new touchpoints.


TREND 1: Embracing Innovation at the Intersection of Technology and Story

These days, nearly everyone touts the importance of “innovation,” yet most companies struggle with how to replicate it regularly. Increasingly, we’re seeing a recognition that there is no one type of innovation; instead, successful firms are using a portfolio of innovation approach to maximize agility across the finding and vetting of opportunities. And the market is changing rapidly, with new technologies creating new chances for storytelling.

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TREND 2: Beyond “Push” Advertising: Brave Brands Are Solving Customer’s Need States

Brand and agencies are increasingly committed to finding ways to enter consumers’ always-on worlds. Brave brands see in new technologies and media a call to step away from the familiarity of “trusted” messaging and media strategies. They are re-evaluate their roles in both the online and offline lives of their consumers, and experiment with new, non-traditional marketing initiatives that thrive in the digital environment.

Brands are welcoming digital’s unique integration-into-real-life opportunities versus simply re-purposing existing assets from traditional channels.

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TREND 3: A Growing Experience-Orientation in Industries  

An experience focus is changing the way entire industries go to market. From the financial services to retailers, disparate industries are reshaping their offerings to respond to the always-on customer. From Target’s gift registry experience, to RBS’s GetCash ATM experience, brands are embracing an experience orientation and looking for ways to measure these unique ‘moments’ of interaction.

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