Avoiding the Holiday Code Freeze

The “Holiday Code Freeze” is a longstanding tradition in retail. As the thinking goes, you lock everything down and attempt to get to the end of the holiday season without any changes in code. The goal is selling the highest volume of products to the highest volume of customers, regardless of the quality of the customer experience. But could that be misguided?

In this data-driven webinar, SapientNitro VPs Shirley Romig and Zachary Jean Paradis make a compelling case for doing away with the “Holiday Code Freeze” in order to respond quickly to customer expectations and deliver a superlative customer experience – the key business performance factor in our changing digital world.

Learn about:

  • How customer experience drives sales, memberships and even stock performance
  • Why digital age customers have been trained to expect immediate results
  • How companies can embrace change and become more agile while also limiting risk
  • Why a culture of experimentation is essential to improving the customer experience
  • What an enterprise retail startup is, and why successful companies adopt it
  • Why the holiday season offers the greatest opportunity to evolve the customer experience

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