• The Ask

    The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and its subsidiary NatWest wanted to strengthen their position in mobile banking and better deliver on the brand promise of Helpful Banking.


For a number of years, we worked with RBS/NatWest to help them become a leader in mobile banking. That meant addressing several unmet customer needs, including:

  • The need to access cash without an ATM card
  • The need to log in on one’s phone quickly and securely
  • The need for banking services on the new Apple Watch
  • The Answer

    We developed a trio of mobile tools that improved customers’ access to their money, gave them peace of mind and extended mobile banking to meet their needs.



Get Cash

Data showed that consumers often forget their bank cards at home or choose to leave them behind for security purposes. So we helped RBS/NatWest use technology to enable cardless cash withdrawals in sticky situations, as well as everyday ones. With the help of smartphones – something that consumers almost never leave behind – RBS/NatWest pioneered an entirely new cash withdrawal process called Get Cash.

This trailblazing mobile feature allows ATM withdrawals of preset amounts using a short-duration, five-digit PIN that users can access via smartphone. Customers simply enter the code at any of the bank’s 8,000+ affiliated ATMs to withdraw the cash. In addition, customers can use Get Cash to simplify the process of sending money to family members or friends in need.


Touch ID

Security is one of the biggest concerns for mobile users and, as a result, login processes have gotten increasingly complex. RBS/NatWest needed an effective digital solution to remove barriers to mobile access while keeping customers protected. The answer? Biometric identification, which increases both ease of use and security. Partnering with Apple, RBS/NatWest leveraged Touch ID to become the first UK-based bank to offer a faster, safer login process using a customers' unique fingerprints.


Apple Watch App

With the introduction of the Apple Watch, NatWest saw the opportunity to shape the on-the-go customer experience. The RBS subsidiary asked us to adapt Helpful Banking to Apple Watch’s smaller screen and create tangible value for busy customers. That meant going beyond the ability to check account balances and offering some of the brand’s beloved services – namely, Get Cash. By integrating this key feature, Apple Watch wearers could now leave their wallets and phones at home and still have access to cash.

  • The Outcome

    All three tools have been extremely well-received, helping RBS/NatWest increase customer satisfaction, boost app ratings and earn a market-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) in mobile.



Get Cash

  • In the first year after launch, there were over over 161,900 Get Cash requests -- averaging 7,000 per week and growing -- and 5.5 million pounds worth of withdrawals.
  • Get Cash represented a pivotal step in the RBS/NatWest brand promise of Helpful Banking and furthered the bank’s objective of reducing reliance on plastic.
  • With Get Cash, RBS/NatWest became the first bank anywhere to allow customers to withdraw funds without a card.


Touch ID

  • In just five days after launch, an astonishing 72% of all capable iOS logins were made via Touch ID.
  • App ratings following the launch of Touch ID went up from 3 stars to 4 stars on the Apple App Store.
  • There were over 8,000 references to RBS/NatWest on Twitter in the first 24 hours after Touch ID kickstarted biometric banking in the UK.


Apple Watch App

  • App installs were 15 times higher than projected. Since its launch, more than 15,000 people have installed the app – easily surpassing the target of 1,000.
  • 10% of regular Apple Watch App users have taken advantage of the award-winning Get Cash feature.
  • RBS/NatWest’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) for mobile – a key measurement of customer loyalty – leads the industry.
  • The Recognition

    Together, these groundbreaking mobile tools won more than a dozen top awards, including a prestigious Gold Mobile Lion at Cannes.