• The Ask

    The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and its subsidiary NatWest needed to simplify two lengthy and often difficult application processes: opening a bank account and applying for a mortgage.


The RBS/NatWest brand promise is Helpful Banking. Yet two cumbersome application processes were failing to live up to that pledge.

For example, RBS/NatWest customers were waiting almost two weeks for checking and savings account approvals. One reason? Nearly half of applicants in the UK were required to bring a physical ID into a bank branch in person. Then they’d have to wait an average of 11 days to receive approval. How could we remove this barrier and speed things up?

Similarly, RBS/NatWest wanted to improve the mortgage application process. Given the UK’s notoriously competitive housing market, appealing homes often spark a bidding war. Home buyers can lose out on their dream property if their offer is not accompanied by proof that they qualify for a loan. How could we get a personalized “agreement in principle” quote for a mortgage to customers right when they needed it?

  • The Answer

    We applied digital innovation so that customers could open new accounts and make qualified offers on new homes in a faster, frictionless way.



Auto ID

We helped RBS/NatWest develop a biometric identification checker that enables customers to scan or photograph their necessary documents and open an account without ever having to bring a physical ID into a bank branch. The first of its kind in the UK, Auto ID offers both efficiency and security. Image scanning ensures that images are not fraudulent, after which they are checked and approved by humans.


Intention to Lend

Our mobile tool for RBS/NatWest takes the mortgage application process down to five minutes, thereby increasing consumers’ odds of getting the home they want. Intention to Lend gives on-the-go home buyers a personalized mortgage quote that allows them to show their real estate agents the bank’s “agreement in principle” for a specific property on the same day. Even better, it does so without any impact on their credit scores.

  • The Outcome

    RBS/NatWest increased student account openings by a remarkable 550% and attracted significantly more first-time home buyers to their mortgage lending services.



Auto ID

  • Across a range of banking products, Auto ID increased new account opening conversion rates by 37%.
  • There was a staggering 300% increase in First Saver accounts opened by parents for their children.
  • Most impressive, though, was the impact on students, for whom account openings increased by an incredible 550%.


Intention to Lend

RBS/NatWest saw a pronounced increase in first-time home buyers, with the majority of Intention to Lend users being first-time buyers themselves – a percentage that surpasses the marketplace average.