• The Ask

    Philadelphia Cream Cheese is the leading cream cheese brand in Brazil, well known as a delicious spreadable. But its versatility in recipes had yet to be discovered.


To get home chefs across Brazil to see Philly as more than a spread, we had to prove how easily they could incorporate it into their cooking. And to do that, we had to make it appetizing and make it simple.

And while we were updating perceptions about the product, it was time to update the brand itself, as well as the website.

  • The Answer

    Add six parts fun films to one redefined cooking app. Mix in updated brand assets and a redesigned web presence.


Not only does Philly magically make dishes more delicious; the app we created magically makes cooking easier. Despite the known challenges of mobile devices in kitchens, we were the first to create a voice-activated cooking app. The app, called “Cozinhaterapia” allows users to say an ingredient, see recipes with that ingredient, move back and forth within the recipe, like and share recipes, make notes for future cooking, and even use a timer—all through voice commands.

To promote the app and the transforming power of Philly in all kinds of recipes, we also crafted six ultrarealistic :15 spots that showcase the product as not just delicious, but fun and even therapeutic. The experience continues on the Philadelphia Brazil website and social channels.

  • The Outcome

    Cozinhaterapia has become the flagship brand experience for Philadelphia in Brazil.


As the only mobile app in the cream cheese market, launching at a time when mobile is growing exponentially in Brazil, the innovative Cozinhaterapia changed the way people cook.

The app reached more than 150,000 downloads in the App Store and Google Play, exceeding our goal by 148%. People spent an astounding average of 9 minutes using it—plenty of time to plan their next great meal or get started on a simple recipe. And the films continue to garner engagement on Facebook.

  • Recognition

    The campaign not only won over taste buds; it also caught the attention of the international advertising industry, leading to six coveted awards.