Invented in the 1950s, LYCRA® was the original brand of elastane fibre – the wonder ingredient in fabric that allowed garments to move and stretch as never before. But fast-forward to 2013 and LYCRA®’s market share was being threatened by cheaper, lower quality substitutes.


SapientNitro was set the task of re-establishing the brand, increasing consumer demand, and reaffirming LYCRA®’s premium brand positioning.

Our global objectives were to making the invisible visible: emotionally connecting the brand and consumer by increasing LYCRA®’s emotional significance, relevance and desirability.

  • The Answer

    We employed our Storyscaping approach to map brand and consumer insights – and developed a central Organizing Idea: LYCRA® MOVES YOU™.


Our Organising Idea was LYCRA® MOVES YOU™, born out of the insight that when your clothing contains LYCRA® fibre, it gives you the confidence to move – and express yourself fully – physically, emotionally and creatively.

We developed a fully integrated campaign, with LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ informing film, print, digital, social and PoS creative work.

The LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ film embodied freedom of movement in an evocative and balletic way. Directed by the award-winning Philippe André, it followed a young woman as she danced through six highly stylized vignettes, representing the situations she encounters throughout her day.

Wearing a range of LYCRA®-infused garments, every movement her body made was captured by a ground-breaking 3D time-lapse “trail” effect.

The print campaign was developed with internationally acclaimed photographer Rankin. Inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge, we captured the elegance of physical movement using the aesthetics of fashion photography and time-lapse visuals of choreographed moves. The result was a print campaign that brought the LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ idea to life in a totally original and arresting way.


    The LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ campaign has significantly increased the brand’s engagement and relevance in the marketplace.


Awareness of the LYCRA® brand has grown from 33% to 48% and recall has increased 13%. Results also show that the campaign generated strong emotional connections to the key LYCRA® equities of freedom to live life to the fullest, freedom to move, and fit.


    The campaign not only generated our best-ever PR response; it also got the attention of advertising award juries.