• The Ask

    HTC created new technologies for people to connect their stories better than ever. But how could the brand connect to its audience in the fiercely competitive smartphone market?


With the upcoming launch of their One M9 model, challenger brand HTC needed to connect to audiences across Europe with a relevant experience. They asked SapientNitro to create a campaign that would motivate customers to consider the new phone—and we set out to make it feel like an essential part of life.

  • The Answer

    We created “One Life”—a platform, a mantra, a call to live in the moment, with the HTC M9 at its heart as the technological enabler (or as we preferred to say, the naughty friend that leads you astray).


We called on people get out and do something by crafting a seamless experience across channels—digital, social, print, broadcast. We even commissioned original music! Digital communications stalked people online, pushing them to get out of the office and go have some fun. Print ads had a raw feel and showed people living in the moment. The TV spot brought it all together with a high-energy, altruistic message.

  • The Outcome

    One life was undoubtedly one big success.


The campaign was so successful across Europe that HTC decided to bring the One Life experience to America—something never before achieved in HTC History, and a testament to a strong, holistic idea that just worked.