How do you captivate the modern multi-millionaire who’s seen—and has—everything in real estate and beyond?


With square footage more expensive than Manhattan or Dubai, Fisher Island’s new Palazzo del Sol development promised more than a home—it promised the experience of a lifetime.  How could we showcase the height of international luxury before the building was even complete?


    We broke real estate standards and created a fully experiential campaign to bring the magic of Palazzo del Sol into the sales process.


That meant starting with a special invitation: an invite-only website—via custom codes—to enhance the feeling of exclusivity. The site then aimed to bring a modern touch to an island known for old-school luxury by including special features like video balcony views (shot by octocopter before the building even existed) and a special twist on Google Street View that allowed potential buyers to explore the island via helicopter, golf cart and yacht.

We also wanted to modernize the sales experience for agents out visiting clients, so we crafted a simple but sleek iPad experience that surfaced floor plans, island photography and designer renderings with a touch and a swipe.

It all culminated on-site in the Island Immersion Room. This immersive digital-physical environment surrounded buyers with the essence of Palazzo del Sol. At the center of the room, a special interactive table delivered a new kind of multi-touch “workshop” experience for sales agents and their clients. And in all directions, ultra high-def video walls brought floor plans, island photography and designer renderings to life in gorgeous fidelity.

The entire experience was based on gesture control, including the ability to swipe photos directly from the table onto the surrounding walls. Guests could even see exactly what their new view would look like—even though the balcony had yet to be built—thanks to octocopter videography.

The room, with all designed-from-scratch elements (down to the laser-etched markers), created a custom environment and a sense of magic for each and every client. And that’s what the Island Immersion Room was all about—creating an experience as exclusive as Fisher Island itself.


    For the modern multi-millionaire, a differentiated sales process meant everything.


Beyond describing the Island Immersion campaign as a first-of-its-class experience, agents insist the room helped them convert sales. One of our favorite stories involved a billionaire who visited the island, stepped into the room, saw three floor plans swiped onto screens for comparison—then bought them all on the spot.