• The Ask

    How do you convince a new audience that all the romance, thrill and heritage of Ferrari is available in an everyday Grand Tourer—without the use of traditional advertising?

Putting the T In Transformation

2014 was a watershed year for Ferrari.  Their 60th anniversary in North America dovetailed with the release of their latest incarnation of the iconic Ferrari California.  The redesigned California T is the first turbo Ferrari since the legendary F40.

Ferrari North America had ambitious sales goals for the 2015 California T in the North American market and tasked us to do something they’d never really done before: Create a comprehensive digital and experiential campaign with a goal of driving new prospects to the brand. To add to the challenge, Ferrari won’t do traditional advertising.   

  • The Answer

    Make the experience state of the art at every (hairpin) turn.

Art Meets Aerodynamics

Our solution was to position the California T as a work of art, showcasing pillars of design, innovation and performance within the overall organizing idea, “State of the Art.”

The campaign encompassed all marketing efforts; from digital touch points and event experiences, to test drives and dealer marketing.  We needed to create an engaging story that prompted prospects to take a fresh look at Ferrari and the California T—a story that made the emotional side of Ferrari as compelling as its specs and horsepower figures.

  • The Outcome

    Like the California T, this campaign has surpassed all expectations.

Turning Heads

We’re excited to report that the campaign garnered 48 million impressions, generating leads that enabled Ferrari North America to meet ambitious sales targets and lead the way in global sales.

  • Recognition

    The State of the Art campaign was enthusiastically received both by the press and our target audience.