Sharon Kamra Image

Vice President, People Success


There are two things we just don’t say around here: “can’t” and “human resources.”  The first is for obvious reasons, and we hope the second is, too: our people are just that—people—not resources.  

As Vice President, SapientNitro People Lead, Sharon Kamra ensures we’re all treated as people at every turn. She sets the global people strategy and oversees the recruiting, training, and deployment of SapientNitro's 7,000 people. 

Sharon focuses on creating extraordinary experiences for each of those people—and in turn creates  exceptional business results. 

Since joining Sapient in 1997, Sharon has held a variety of positions from client and project management to leading internal teams, so she can relate to folks in their many roles and locations. She holds a BA from the University of California at Berkeley in Sociology with minors in Business and Education.